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Susan is a true believer of yoga as an aid to mind, body and spirit development, and is continually grateful for and amazed by her own inner, physical and spiritual growth since starting down this path. She enjoys continually learning from each experience as a student and as a teacher. Susan took her first yoga class in Oregon as a freshman in college for a physical education credit. She was blessed to have an instructor that was passionate about sharing yoga with others. The seed that she planted lay dormant for some time before finding another teacher to inspire and foster it. Unable to afford classes in the Chicago neighborhood where she lived, Susan spent many years deepening her personal practice with nothing more than a DVD in her room and a willingness to grow and explore. Since then, Susan has practiced yoga with amazing teachers around the world, including Saipan, Guam, South Carolina, Australia and received teacher certification in Bali with Caroline Klebl. She started Yoga Wave in October of 2009, teaches at various locations in Saipan and is a distributor of Yoga equipment. She attributes her love of Ashtanga to Jo Ichihara and Rita Bonnici, and her fondness for Bikram yoga to Goeril Hagan.


RYT- 200