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Global Yoga

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"Yoga and Ayurveda is not my business., thankfully. Yoga and Ayurvea is my passion. Sharing the magic of these two sciences is my life because I belivieve yoga is a lifestyle practice and not and I could never imagine anyting else. In fact you could say I am married to Ayurveda and Yoga is my child, haha... And all the beautiful souls I have met, all of the teachers and all of the clients and students who.m I have met and grown to love over the past 20 years are my family. And what could be a greater blessing than that?" says Cassie. "I think the purpose of life is service. And teaching yoga and healing with Ayurveda is absolute service and must remain so to retain purity. So no yoga is not my business and I will never be in the business of yoga, but yoga is indeed my life."

Cassie is one of the shining international teachers known in communities around the world in the area of yoga. ayurveda and healthy living. Her clear understanding of the traitional yoga applied to modern day lifestyles and her very unique teaching style supports the idea that yoga's awakening powers-- physical, mental and spiritual-- are available to all- slowly, slowly, and through daily ifestyle practices.

Cassie is one of those rare people you meet with whom you feel an almost instant heart connection. There is a glint in her eyes that tells of an inner-wellspring of joy and a hint of girlish cheekiness. Her presence is one of yogic lightness developed through more than twenty years of regular yoga practice amd study.

Cassie directs and leads all the retreats and trainings and newly organized one on one remote cofferings of Global Yoga; and her passion for yoga and for teaching radiates from her. She inspires her students as she shares how to use yoga practice as a necessary tool in gaining ones highest potential for health and happiness. Cassie playfully guides students to fully accept themselves in their practice and to continually grow through their physical challenges-- all to their own degree.

By drawing on her own diverse education ranging from time studying wiht both Eastern and Western masters in Astanga yoga to Bikram Yoga to Vinyasa, Hot Power to Anusura, Cassie creates classes that are informative, engaging, friendly and alive with enthusiasm. Her now two decades of experience and her passion and compassion has lead her to be known as a teacher's teacher. Cassie has participated in a multitude of global intensives and advanced trainings with dozens of modern masters including: Erich Schiffmann, Baron Baptiste, Bikram Chudory, Annie Carpenter, Sean Corn, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Max Strom and Rolf Gates. Forever a student, Cassie plans to study and to each and to practice yoga for the rest of her life.

"I feel truly blessed by the opportunity to share the profoundly transformative aspects of yoga and to experience the kindness and compassion of so many Ii this beautiful community around the globe. My students will remain my greatest teachers. I give all of my love and gratitude to all of my students for teaching me about myself, the essence of yoga and the heart in all beings." ~

Cassie is the founder of Global Yoga and also the founder of Zen Yoga Bali, as well as Hot Yoga Jupiter, Hot Yoga Nashville, Yoga Plus and Yoga Brain. She has been the teacher to NFL teams, many College sports teams including those at Vanderbilt University, teacher to Song BMG Recording Artists, in Nashville, a few Special Olympics efforts, the Olympic Operating Committee, a few famous movie people Cassie does not like to mention about and even some canines as Cassie was invited to be a head liner at more than a few Human Society Doga (dog yoga) fund raising events. When asked who she likes to teach most of all, Cassie remarks she loves to teach the normal people and those in her local community and especially beginners or those who think they could never do yoga. Cassie also loves teaching new teachers and helping to inspire them to help others. This year, in 2017 Cassie is most excited about her one one one clients base and for adding therapeutic massage and yoga therapy . Cassie ia also actively pursuing efforts to target the 50 and up crowd in 2017 now that she is one of them....

Cassie is absolutely devoted to offering authentic and inspirational yoga and ayurveda teachings and training experiences, and she has a girt to uncover or create deeply special backdrops and enliven events with extraordinary settings. Maybe all she does is so remarkable because she is not in the business of yoga., or at least that could be something to think about.


Global Yoga Director/ Lead Teacher Trainer,
RYT 500 Yoga & MeditationTeacher, Licensed Yoga Therapist and
Massage Therapist ,Certified Ayurveda Practitioner