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Ashley began her Ashtanga practice in 2002 with Kathy McNames and Scott York of Yoga Vermont and has recently completed two 200 Hour certifications to teach yoga. Over the last 8 years she has come to deeply appreciate the connection and relationship she has created with her body through a strong, honest, comfortable and happy yoga practice. By creating this initial connection with the physical body through yoga, Ashley believes that over time one naturally acquires the tools necessary to balance and overcome mental and emotional stresses of all kinds. Her classes range from a mild Vinyasa flow to a more rigorous Ashtanga-inspired power flow. Her teaching style stresses the importance of compassion and gentleness to ones own body and mind, while at the same time expressing the benefits of building a great amount of energy and heat in the body through an active practice and consistent breath work. She encourages students to relax and have fun in their practice and to look for ways to use their time on the mat to improve the quality of their lives.


RYT 200