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about Global Yoga and AYurveda

Global Yoga

Passion for and absolute dedication to health and wellbeing s shared by all on the team of Global Yoga.

We strive to share what yoga was intended to be in our teachings, and to balance the ancient wisdom of traditional practices with modern life.

What Yoga is today and what Yoga was thousands of years ago are two separate things. Today yoga is mainly a physical practice of asanas where teachers take students through all the postures and then include maybe a little breathing, chanting and meditation practice. But what Yoga was intended for according to the ancient seers is to become a lifestyle of spiritual living. This means Yoga and its philosophies should be applied to every aspect of our lives. To our diets, to our speech as we speak the truth with kindness, through our actions of non violence, through our intentions of peace or in our commitment to keeping the body and mind in a healthy condition so our soul can take its journey through this body.

We strive for the utmost in personal attention and absolute care. We believe each person is a unique individual and that their yoga practice should be appropriate, supportive and personal. Our highly trained instructors both nurture and challenge students and encourage exploration and individuality.

The Global Yoga Director and lead Teacher Trainer, Cassie Aitken, has a reputation for her unique ability to nurture students while challenging and inspiring them at the same time. Her passion and compassion is felt in every breath of a posture and her sensitivity to individual needs is a rare gift that fosters great comfort and growth. Cassie brings a playful yet grounded awareness to her classes, emphasizing lightness of spirit and a freedom from judgment and boundaries. This spirit is the guiding force at Global Yoga and will be the tone your experience witjh us.